The 100 Happy Moments Project

The 100 Happy Moments Project is an abstract painting project which will involve a large number of the general public intending to capture memories from individuals to be used in a series of work.

Why am I conducting this project?
Recently, I was thinking how it was sometimes easier to remember bad memories rather than the good ones maybe because bad memories sometimes leave heavier impacts or emotional scars. I then thought how great it would be to take other peoples happiest memories to influence others to not let the unpleasant memories stand in the way of the good. Sometimes unhappy memories are very strong and stay very deep in our mind. If so, will people lose their memories of happy moments because of this?
I believe someone else's happy memories are able to evoke others happy moments. That's why I have started this project of "The 100 Happy Moments”.
I would like to ask people to tell me their very own happy moment(s). It could be anything that just the thought of it makes you smile when thinking about it. It could be from when you were young or could have been something yesterday that you wouldn’t want to forget...everybody should have their own special happy moment that shouldn’t be forgotten.

To Apply
First think and dig deep of that special happy memory you would like to be used. Write down your memory and include visual/emotional context of how it’s remembered (colors, clarity, excitement, etc).
If you could find specific images related to your memory that can be attached by email (i.e. Old toy you received for Christmas)
Send your happy memory to Yoko(e-mail: hiyoko [at] to see your memory influence others to remember more happy memories more often.
Upon completion of this project you will be notified for which works your happiest memories are included in as to updates of events it could be used in.
(If further details are needed further contact may be necessary)



All images are copylright of Yoko Iwanaga may only be used with permission.